ReverbRock Audio recording Modern Audio Editing Tools

The digital age of recording has opened up alternative possibilities for audio editing for sound engineers and musicians. If earlier sound engineers used only editing, today, you can change the audio.

Antares Autotune

It is a powerful and most popular effect processor for automatic pitch and time correction. The company releases it in plug-in format, standalone software, and rack mount for live practice. Autotune has often been used to create the effect of an artificial “robotic” voice. The widespread use of this effect was popular in the 2000s.

New editing techniques have influenced the sound of modern tracks. Today, Melodyne and Autotune are used on almost every track. We are so used to such voice processing that we hardly notice the distortion associated with this effect.

Antares Autotune

Despite all the possibilities of modern editing, digital technology has not yet learned how to recreate the emotional component in sound. Many musicians believe that it all depends on the sound engineer and the equipment. To save time and money, some are reluctant to re-sing unsuccessfully ripe chunks or repeating sections of a song.

Musicians are confident that there is no need for this because everything can be easily corrected or copied and pasted in the right place. However, they often forget that by collecting apart from different fragments, you can lose the mood of the song, its emotional and dynamic development.

Approaching the recording, not with full responsibility, some hope that the sound engineer will then correct everything or add any melody. But actually, it is not. To make the correction not noticeable, the vocalist should try to hear a note of the song as much as possible.material up to the overtones and harmonics of a single note.

New Time for sound engineering

If earlier sound engineers manually cut and glued individual pieces of tape, now all editing takes place in the program. Convenient functions for selective editing are presented in almost all multi-track audio editors.

With the advent of computer technology in audio editing, a fresh way of corrective editing has appeared. It allows you to edit individual characteristics in a specific audio file. Corrective editing can be pitch or temporary. Pitch correction comprises editing inaccuracies in performance, correcting the pitch or intonation of a sung note.

The sound engineer often uses this method to process vocals. Time Correction helps correct rhythmic errors that musicians often make during the recording process. Corrective editing is also divided into manual and automatic.

However, let’s not go into all the deep nuances of this troublesome case and consider the most featured software for sound engineering.

Celemony Melodyne

This is a first-class manual dressing tool. It allows you to edit the pitch, intonation, vibrato intensity, volume, rhythm, process several audio tracks simultaneously.

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